Your next creative project, done.




Hi there! I'm Gawoon Chung, a Creative Co-Director & Project Planner for entrepreneurs. I help creative business owners (like you) launch successful podcasts, as well as other projects on your never-ending to-do list. By signing up for my services, you are guaranteed my creative partnership, project management, and one-on-one attention and support. My goal is to assist you with the vision and the planning so that, together, we can eliminate overwhelm from your busy schedule!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I'm always excited to explore my interests and, therefore, expand my creative skillset. Whether I'm hosting a podcast, editing videos. or researching blogging best practices, I love finding ways to bring new ideas to life. In fact, I've completed a number of creative projects in the past year alone and want to help you do the same.

How my business cAme about

If you're a creative professional, you probably have more than one project idea in the back of your mind. The problem therein is that you feel like you're in perpetual research mode and don't know how to get the ball rolling.

Luckily for you, I'm here to help! I understand that creatives have competing priorities, such as running a business, collaborating with brands, and taking on new clients. Each of my services is designed to fill in the gaps of what you wish you had time to work on (e.g. podcast prep, time management, and web design).


Let's just say I've pulled my fair share of all-nighters watching tutorials on how to launch websites and other creative endeavors. Only through (lots of) trial and error have I learned to blend my creative instincts with my aptitude for planning. It's this combination of right-brain and left-brain skills that allows me to confidently drive projects to completion.

In addition, I've built this business around a simple "why": to help creatives share their ideas with the world. I believe we all have stories that need to be told and that the Internet provides us with countless opportunities to do so. Through my services, I hope to help you connect with your target audience online and make a bigger impact on the people you serve.

Fun FactS

Growing up, I loved organizing everything under the sun. I remember being eight years old and creating my own version of the Dewey Decimal System for "Gawoon's library" (a.k.a. IKEA bookshelf). As a kid, I enjoyed making to-do lists, jotting down ideas, and journaling in several Hello Kitty notebooks. To this day, I enjoy creating content and outlining ideas for short films, sketches, and blog posts. You'll often find me planning ahead of time so that my schedule reflects all my quarterly goals.

Aside from being obsessed with productivity, I’m a graduate of Boston College with a B.A. in Economics. I previously worked for Viacom as a Commercial Log Specialist on channels such as Spike TV and CMT and, before that, interned for various other companies in digital media. I'm a lover of all things digital and a voracious consumer of e-courses, audiobooks, and podcasts (if you couldn't tell). Like many multi-passionate creatives, I don't believe you have to follow one single passion. And if you think so too, we'll probably make a great team!