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Last modified November 24, 2018.


Upon purchase, you will get instant access to a PDF or zip file with instructions and/or assets.

Pre-Order Policy 2018

More Than a Website Kit: Gold Blogger EDITION

  • The Cyber Monday Pre-order Sale begins Monday, November 26th at 12:00am EST and ends Sunday, December 2nd at 11:59pm EST. During that week, you will get 50% off your purchase of the template kit.

  • The regular pre-order sale begins Monday, December 3rd at 12:00am EST and ends Monday, December 31st at 11:59pm EST. By pre-ordering a kit during this period, you will receive 20% off your purchase.

  • The kit will be delivered to you on the day it is launched (no later than Friday, January 4, 2019)!


+ What else will I get if I pre-order the template kit during Cyber Monday week?

On top of the 50% discount, you will be given the option of hopping on a call with me (via Skype or phone) for one 30-minute session of template-related technical support and/or design consultation during available dates/times in January or February 2019.

I am not offering this to anyone else other than those who pre-order the template kit during Cyber Monday week. This an optional feature, meaning you are not obligated to seek the half-hour support session with me if you don’t need it.

+ What is the benefit of purchasing a DIY Squarespace kit?

With a DIY Squarepace kit, you can kill two birds with one stone: 1) you get a crash course on how to customize a Squarespace template and 2) you customize your website while learning how the platform operates! No need to hire a professional web designer.

+ What happens if I order my kit after the Cyber Monday sale?

You will not get the 50% discount or the support session with me. However, you will get a discount of 20% off!

+ When can I pre-order?

The entire pre-order period (Cyber Monday Sale + regular pre-order sale) starts Monday, November 26th at 12:00am EST and ends Monday, December 31st at 11:59pm EST.

+ When can I expect to receive my template kit?

Your kit will be sent to you via email on the day it is launched (no later than January 4th, 2019).

+ Do the “free updates” apply to anyone who purchases?

Yes! Even if you don’t pre-order a kit, you will always receive free updates. This means that any time new upgrades or assets are added to the template kit you will receive the updates free of charge.

That said, you will only receive the updates that come after the date you made the purchase. Furthermore, if you purchase a template kit after new assets are added, you will have to purchase the kit at its new price.

+ Will you be installing my template?

I do not offer template installation as part of the service. I can offer support if you find issues with the template itself (or any other assets in the template kit).

Please remember that DIY is involved! Since Squarespace is a closed-source platform, you are only allowed to use the templates offered by Squarespace. For the “Gold Blogger Template,” you will be building off of Squarespace’s “Brine” template (cough the best Squarespace template available!).

+ What will I need to customize my template and graphic assets?

You will need to sign up for and purchase a Squarespace account. You will also need Adobe Illustrator (click HERE for a free trial). If you choose not to use Illustrator, then you can use Canva (sign up for a free account HERE).

+ Do I need to know how to code?

Nope, you do not need to know how to code! Any CSS that you can copy and paste will be provided. (Don’t worry, I show you how to do this in the video tutorials!) And if you’re interested in learning some basic CSS, notes are provided as well.

+ Who is the template kit for?

Bloggers/influencers, artists, and online entrepreneurs! The kit is perfect for anyone that isn’t ready to invest in a professional web designer yet and/or wants to take the DIY route (with some help)! It’s also great for anyone interested in learning how to customize the popular “Brine” template on Squarespace and make it look less Squarespace-y!

+ Can I purchase the template assets individually?

A select few assets will be sold individually upon launch of the template kit. However, you will not be given access to other assets in the template kit. In addition, you will have to purchase any new assets added to Gold Blogger Template kit separately (if they are made available for purchase).

+ Can I use the photos in the template kit?

Photos provided in our products are for display purposes only. Please replace any template images with your own photos! All stock photos provided are sourced from Unsplash or Death to the Stock.

+ Do you offer template support?

If you any questions regarding issues with the actual template and/or assets in the kit (i.e. process of downloading, installing, etc.), I am available to answer questions via email. All you have to do is contact me HERE, and I’ll get back to you within 1-3 business days!

I do NOT, however, answer questions regarding template customization (beyond what is provided in the tutorials), issues with the Squarespace platform, or problems with third-party software. If you do not feel confident DIY’ing your template or using a computer, the “More Than a Website Template Kit” may not be for you. I offer custom design services HERE.

+ Do you offer returns, refunds, or exchanges?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not issue returns, refunds, or exchanges. Please read this page carefully and be sure to review any photos and demos carefully before purchasing! You are free to contact me HERE or at with any questions about the product.

*More questions? Contact me at! I’ll get back to you within 1-3 business days.

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