NomNow Case Study


Student Project for CareerFoundry UI Design Program

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Project Retrospective:

What went well?

Conducting user interviews made it much easier to determine which key functionalities to include in the initial sketches and wireframes for NomNow.

  • Skills: User interviews, user testing, rapid prototyping, wireframing, iterative design

  • Processes: User-centered design

  • Solution: Involve the user early on!

nomnow-mockups-iphone small.png

What didn’t go well?

I spent too much time trying to perfect my mid- to high-fidelity wireframes when, instead, I could have asked fellow designers for feedback earlier on, saved time, and not have had to rush the final UI designs.

  • Skills: Wireframing, grids & layouts, preference tests, iterative design, usability testing

  • Processes: Lean UX, usability heuristics evaluation, prioritizing quality, polishing designs

  • Skills gap: Time management, prioritizing visual design over usability

  • Solution: Involve peers earlier on and in all phases of the design process to increase efficiency.

What can be improved?

I will need to brush up on my knowledge of grid theory, as evidenced by the “Responsive Design” section of my NomNow case study. The size and spacing of certain elements within the home screen for each mobile breakpoint is inconsistent.

  • Skills: Sketch App, grids & layouts, wireframing, preference tests

  • Processes: Lean UX, grid design, responsive design

  • Skills gap: Proficiency with grids and layouts

  • Solution: Set up grids and layouts in Sketch before starting the process of wireframing.

Case Study: NomNow.png

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