Referral Program

*If you are a current or former client of mine, this page is for your eyes only! 👩‍💻👀

Last modified November 18, 2018.

Hi friends and former clients!

Thank you so much for visiting this page. First of all, I just want to show you my appreciation for all the friends, colleagues, and family members you have sent my way, regardless of the opportunity./ I am so thankful for every prospective client/ project or opportunity that has come my way via word-of-mouth and I’m so happy to have worked with some incredible people (like you!) to help them launch their websites. As a way of expressing my gratitude (for referring me to friends, colleagues, and family), I would like to invite you to participate in my new referral program for Project: Website Launch and be able to thank you for spreading the word about my work. I’ve found that my best experiences are with clients who I’ve worked with before and clients that they have referred to me in turn, which is why I so value our working relationship!

As you may or may not know, I recently did an overhaul of my services behind the scenes, from restructuring my packages (with the addition of a third tier) to raising prices and niching down. The reason for this change is that I really wanted to level up and make sure that I was not only delivering more but also delivering higher quality while devoting more time/attention to each client. The transition has been in the works for a while now, but I wasn’t able to fully implement changes until this past month. (In other words, I took a month’s break to focus solely on my business.)

P.S. I have decided to only offer monthly retainer services to my former or current clients (that’s you!). If you would like to work with me in the coming months, please send me an email and we can discuss! $250/month for 8 hours of reserved design time.

Here’s how my referral program works/ tiers of the program…

If anyone or any business you know is interested full-service website design via Squarespace or Shopify, brand identity, UI design services, please ask them to “mention your name when they contact us or fill in the form below to let us know who you will be referring.” “I look forward to staying in touch/ hearing from you and pledge a sincere commitment to implement workthat will respect the confidence you ahve placed in my services.” If they sign up specifically for the following web design services and make the final payment, here is what you can expect from me!

Starter Package

  • Reward: $50 Amazon gift card

  • OR?? 50% off future session with me - monthly retainer

  • OR 4 free hours of design services from me for an agreed upon week or month


  • 10% off future session with me

  • $100 amazon gift card

  • 10% of sale


  • 10% of sale

Here’s who I love to work with:

As part of the recent revamp of my business/structure, I have become more mindful/ intentional/specific with the types of clients I work with best and truly enjoy working with and they are…

  • influencers

  • lifestyle brands

  • serviced-based businesses

  • online entrepreneurs

  • small business owners

  • artist, content creators, photographers, performers, etc.

One of the first programs we implemented was a 10% discount on future projects for clients who referred us to other clients. One of the reasons why this has worked so well is because not only did we immediately see an increase in referrals, but existing clients gave us more work because they had the 10% discount.

I personally give a $50 gift card to the client for each friend she sends my way that booked with us.

…but here are some other ideas:

-A spa gift card
-An add on from you
-Credit towards his/her next order

The $50 gift card applied towards any FUTURE session or order. (This is essential because otherwise they will want to have it taken off the order they already placed, which can be tricky if they’ve already paid in full or you’ve already set up their payment plan.)

“We want you to know how important you are to us! Share these cards with your family and friends to get awesome rewards! For every client you refer, that books a session with us, YOU receive a $50.00 gift to Molly Marie Photography that can be used on future sessions or orders!”

Referral Program Terms & Conditions

-Tehre is no limit on how many people you refer.

-only one reward will be awarded per project and only for client’s initial purchase

-Referral can live anywhere as long as they speak English! (if I learn new languages I’ll let you know haha)

-you may not refer your own existing website or refer yourself for another service after having used an initial service.

-the referral cannot be a current client of Gawoon chung or

-Referrals will NOT get the commission of the prospective client (Referred Party) does not sign up for one of our services under PRoject: Website Launch. A successful referral is when you, the Referrer, refers a client to Gawoon or and the client (Referred Party) signs up for one of our services and makes a full payment.

Referral Program Payment/ Rewards?

-earn up to 10% of the total project cost.

-ayment is made upon project completion.

-payment can be provided or trade for our web services.

-referrals are only paid on the initial contract for initial service.

-monetary referral rewards for website design and website development work will be paid to the referrer 30 days after Gawoon has received final payment from the referred party. (via paypal or square?)

-Monetary referral rewards for clients who opt for payment play will be given only after a minimum of a 50% for flat-fee purchases has been reached by the client.