Strong Kidz Books Testimonial

“Great interpretation and understanding of the art direction we provided which required customizing and finding creative solutions to keep certain graphic assets as they were… Knowing that we would be able to provide much art direction but lacked the knowledge in web design, logistics, and project management skills required to make things work, we really got excited by your level of organization and professionalism!”

- JIMIN LEE | STRONG KIDZ BOOKS (Website coming soon!)

The Curatorial Testimonial

“After out first call, I just knew I found the right person for the job. Gawoon, you genuinely care for your clients and I'm so happy I hired you. You're an excellent communicator, great listener and project manager! You were able to bring all my ideas to life with your attention to detail and Squarespace expertise. Can't thank you enough for creating this beautiful and functional website for me!”