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If you're anything like me, you've probably taken the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore (multiple times) or taken a quiz on Buzzfeed to find out which Disney character is your twin. (According to this one, I'm most like Pocahontas.)

Needless to say, the ever-increasing popularity of these interactive quizzes proves that 1) people love being entertained and 2) people love learning more about themselves.

Moreover, with Interact Quiz Builder, you too can leverage the power of quizzes to interact with your visitors and entice them to join your email list. These quizzes can help any online entrepreneur—new or experienced—generate leads and, consequently, drive sales.

Disclosure: I was given free access to Interact Quiz Builder for the purpose of reviewing its platform. All opinions expressed are my own.

*This blog post was originally published on June 11th, 2018 and has since been updated!



Why interactive quizzes?

In the digital space, you'll often hear people say, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." In other words, don't rely solely on one platform to grow and nurture your audience. This is because no one has complete control over their social media following. In fact, your Instagram account, regardless of the number of followers, can be shut down at any time by the powers that be.

Thankfully, what you can do to ensure greater access to your audience is to start building an email list (if you haven't already) and provide those subscribers with updates and exclusive content that cannot be accessed anywhere else. If you're a creative professional with hopes of selling products and services down the line, it's never too late to start building your list.


Unlike the most common and traditional opt-in freebies, such as templates or digital workbooks (which, by the way, I still love), quizzes can help you grow your list at a ridiculously high rate. According to this article by Interact, "Quizzes average a 50% conversion rate for lead generation." Fifty. Percent.

I mean, it makes sense. Quizzes offer instant gratification.

With a quiz, all you have to do is answer a few multiple choice questions to access your results. With a workbook, it's different. You need to download the PDF, brainstorm your answers, and then take the time to actually fill out the document. (Hence, why a quiz is perfect for people with short attention spans.)


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more, click HERE.


Interact Quiz Builder to the rescue!

If you're an aspiring online business owner, my guess is that...

  • you want to connect with your audience

  • you want to get more eyes on your creative content

  • you want to eventually sell your products and/or services online.

Build your creative business (in tandem with a podcast, Youtube channel, etc.), by growing your email list today! With Interact's user-friendly software, you can create a simple quiz opt-in right away and start capturing leads in no time.

Please note: Creating a quiz will take some time, depending on what you want to do with it. You might need to dedicate an hour or two—maybe even a full day—to create your quiz and set up corresponding nurture emails.

(Although email integration is an optional feature, you will need to integrate your quiz with an email service provider in order to collect emails.)

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Here's how to create your quiz:

1. Log into Interact.

2. Under "Quizzes," click "Create New Quiz."

3. Choose whether you want to use a template or start a quiz from scratch. (I'd recommend clicking on "template" to browse quiz samples.)


4. Select a category of templates (ex: “Entertainment”) and then click “Next.”


5. Preview the sample quiz templates and click on the one you want to use (ex: “What kind of blogger are you?”). Keep in mind, you can always go back and start a quiz "from scratch."


  • I highly recommend writing down your questions and answers beforehand. This will help you select the best quiz type and template.

  • To keep things simple, I'd create about four possible results for your first quiz. That way, you won't have to create as many matching questions.


6. Customize the cover and results pages and replace the sample questions, answers, and results with your own. Be sure to add images!


A "Quick Menu" is provided to help you navigate the quiz builder.


7. For each result, you can choose to keep or hide the "Call to Action" button. To give quiz-takers the option of signing up for your email list, you want to make sure you have this button.


Change the CTA to something like "Sign me up!" or "Let's chat about ___!"


8. Click on the "Content" tab to edit content and the "Styles" tab to change colors, fonts, and more. You can add your logo to the quiz by clicking on "Branding."


9. For every question, click "Edit Result Correlations" to match each answer choice to its proper result.


*Disclaimer: This blog post does not contain legal advice!

10. Activate "enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz." Under "Form Settings," check all 3 boxes just to be safe and GDPR-compliant.* By allowing users to "skip step," you are not forcing them to sign up with their email addresses in order to obtain their quiz results.


11. Next, "connect your email list" with your email service provider. (Mine's Mailchimp, so I'll go with that for this example.)


12. Link each quiz result to the appropriate list segment and update your merge fields. Once you've set up your email triggers, test the integration to make sure it works.



  • Here's a detailed article on how to connect Interact to Mailchimp. (If you don't use Mailchimp, click the link and look for your specific email marketing service under "Integrations.")

  • If you haven't created a new list for your leads from Interact, then make sure you log into your email service provider and do so.

  • Create a unique welcome email for each result and set up the automations through your email marketing platform.* Interact will trigger a specific email whenever someone takes your quiz and signs up for your email list.


*Some people create series of automated emails or nurture sequences. You can do whatever you want and use your quiz as the starting point.


13. Once everything's set up and your quiz is ready, hit "Publish."

14. Congratulations, your quiz is now live! You can go ahead and share the link or embed the quiz on your website, social media channels, and more!



Would I recommend Interact?

Although I recently started using Interact, I've had a great experience with the platform thus far. I love how easy it is to customize a quiz and to connect it to my email marketing service of choice.

In addition, I can easily access the analytics for my quiz results, which include the number of quiz views, starts, and completions, as well as other important data (i.e. leads and conversion rates).

Interact also provides plenty of resources and walkthroughs on how to use the nifty features of its quiz-building software. Concise instructions? Sign me up.

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If you'd like to give Interact a test run, sign up for the free plan HERE. While you can create polls, quizzes, or giveaways for free and monitor how many times your quiz has been completed, you cannot collect users' emails on the free plan.


That's why I suggest the following...

  1. Start out with the free plan to take your time building your quiz without feeling tight on time.

  2. Then, once you've published your quiz, give the free 14-day trial of the "Lite" plan a try. See how well your quiz does and measure your quiz engagement.

  3. If you see a return on your (free) investment, then choose the plan that is right for you. The Lite plan is recommended for new businesses and entrepreneurs and costs $17/month. If you pay annually, you can save 40%.


  • Before you start building your quiz, create an outline. I cannot stress this enough. Write down your target audience, and think about the segments/sub-sets of your target audience. Each sub-set should correspond to a quiz result.

  • Figure out the purpose of your quiz. What's the end-goal for getting quiz-takers to sign up for your email list? Is it to get people to book a consultation call with you? Is it to provide visitors with a free excerpt of your ebook? Is it to send an introductory email series that builds trust between you and your new subscribers? The possibilities are endless.

  • Make sure you give quiz-takers the option of joining your email list. Again, take precautions to make sure your quiz is GDPR-compliant.


How about you? Have you ever created an online quiz to generate leads?

If so, how effective is this tool for you?

Comment below!

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