Ep 10: What I Wish I Had Known Before Launching My Podcast


In Episode 10, I discuss what I wish knew before launching Dear Creators. Here are a few things to consider as you set out on your podcasting journey:

* = Bonus notes that weren't mentioned in the episode

1) How much time it takes to edit an episode

  • Creating a podcasting system
  • Outsourcing post-production tasks

2) The importance of practicing before you launch

  • Recording test episodes & warming up
  • Being okay with doing all the talking (solo episodes can be challenging for non-talkative people)*

3) Choosing a theme or topic that you care about

4) Pre-production considerations

  • Researching
  • Preparing an outline
  • Scheduling guests*

5) Expecting the unexpected

  • Modifying your content
  • Going with the flow

6) Presentation of show notes

  • Sneak peek?
  • Recap?
  • Transcript?

7) The style and format

  • Deciding on the general structure of each episode
  • Choosing to leave room for flexibility

8) Having at least 2-3 episodes ready before your launch date*



Obviously, you'll need to choose a mic, theme music, hosting, and other podcasting basics, but what's equally, if not more important is remembering the work that goes into running a podcast.

If you've already launched a podcast, let me know what you wish you'd known before creating your show! I'd love to hear about your podcasting experience.



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