Ep. 5: How to Overcome Creative Roadblocks


Feeling the opposite of creative?

Today's solo episode is all about pushing past creative roadblocks and finding ways to regain momentum in your life and business.

To be honest, working on my business, podcast, and second blog non-stop has left me feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired.

That's why I'm taking measures to do more of the things that make me excited and less of the things that don't (i.e. social media, futile attempts at perfection, etc.).

Hopefully you are too!

That said, let's review CEASTSC (aka my terrible acronym for tips on how to get over the creative slump).

C onsume

  • Carve in time for inspiration and consume other people's content! This may sound counterproductive, but sometimes we need to hit pause and familiarize ourselves with new ideas other than our own. As creatives, we get so caught up ideating and trying to create our own content that we forget to appreciate and explore the ideas of other creators in this world. It's true that inspiration often shows up when we're putting in the work (which I emphasize a lot here on gawoonchung.com). But we should also remember to look outward for inspiration instead of looking inward 24/7.

E xperience

  • Go out and experience life outside of work. Wouldn't you agree that we draw ideas from our own life experiences—including the good, the bad, and everything in between? And if we don't open ourselves to new experiences and opportunities, don't we close ourselves off to the possibilities of creating better art? I don't know about you, but I've found that when I'm severely uninspired and out of ideas, I'm usually having some sort of an "experience" deficit in my life.

A sk

  • Ask your audience questions; talk to the people you help. If your main problem is coming up with new content for your audience, then your audience is where you will find your answers! They will provide you with your next course ideas, eBook ideas, video ideas, etc.

S urround

  • Surround yourself with hardworking people who inspire and re-energize you. These people will support you and motivate you to work even harder. Even one person can make a huge difference! TIP: aim not to be the smartest person in the room.

T ry

  • Try something new. Pick up a hobby that is completely unrelated to your creative profession. By doing so, you'll flex your creative muscles in different ways and make room for new ideas.

S hower

  • If you listen to the episode, you'll know what I mean.

C hange

  • Change your schedule or routine. Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn't! Switch up the days that you work on certain tasks. Update the system that you currently have in place. Try to inject newness into your week and make every day a bit more exciting.

Just because you hit a roadblock, doesn't mean you should give up so quickly on your goals!

That said, I'd love to hear from you. What tips or tricks have helped you overcome your creative roadblocks?

Let me know in the comments below!


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