Ep. 4: Navigating the Quarter-Life Crisis with Weyem Kobrosly


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Today's show is literally a collection of snippets from my phone call with Weyem Kobrosly: a marketing nerd / yoga-lover / travel enthusiast / lifelong learner through and through. Previously a D.C.-based marketing specialist, Weyem is now about to leave the States for an incredible job in Tunisia. She'll be guiding students in their college application process and mentoring them on educational opportunities abroad.

Courtesy of Weyem Kobrosly

Courtesy of Weyem Kobrosly

Weyem and I met during our junior year (spring semester) abroad at Yonsei University in South Korea, and we've been friends ever since. Although we don't get to chat too often, we catch up every few months and always have fun conversations.

This time, we talked about our respective "quarter-life" crises (assuming that we live until 100), our study abroad experiences, and our opinions on growing up with the Internet. We also touch upon language, culture, creativity, marketing, and other topics that Weyem is super passionate about.

Here are today's main talking points:

-senior year of college and post-grad anxiety (3:38)

-our semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea (12:00)

-how to take advantage of the study abroad experience (13:24)

-the "uncomfortableness" of transitioning into the workforce (21:26)

-the uncertainty of pursuing a career that is completely unrelated to your major (23:33)

-Weyem's passion for international exchange, how she's channeling her passion into helping others, and why she won't put her career in a box (27:26)

-the struggle of making and maintaining friends after college (32:16)

-social media, the comparison trap, and the various ways in which societies and cultures use social media (33:40)

-Weyem's passion for different cultures and why it's so important (40:30)

-why we should stop trying to make money from all of our passions (41:02)

-the tendency to underestimate our creativity as we get older (44:42)

-the need for validation in our work and what we post on social media (49:22)

-Weyem's fascination with different types of marketing (55:04)

If you're a millennial and/or twenty-something, I'd love to hear your quarter-life crisis stories below and what you do or have done to work through them!



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