Ep. 7: Aly Casas on Voice Acting


The cool thing about traveling solo is that you meet lots of new people along the way. (And sometimes, they end up being guests on your podcast!)

A few months ago, Aly Casas and I met in Lisbon, Portugal during an event at our hostel, and since then, we've kept in touch via social media.

Aly grew up in the Bay Area all her life and has worked in the cosmetics industry for the last 18 years. As an Education Content Development Manager, she creates education and training programs for Kendo Brands, an LVMH portfolio company managing Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D Beauty, and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

Outside of the cosmetics industry, her true passion lies in both theatre and voice acting. Aly can be found around performing with theatre companies in the Bay Area and voicing video games, commercials and toys.

In today's episode, we talk about:

-a typical day at cosmetics company Kendo Brands (9:39)

-the many hats that Aly wears as an Education Content Development Manager and why she likens the experience to theater production (12:07)

-how Aly fell into a career in cosmetics (14:19)

-why she chose to study public health in college (15:22)

-how Aly grew up with dreams of becoming an actor despite her shyness (17:21)

-Aly's serendipitous journey into voice acting (24:14)

-how ethnicity can work to your advantage in voice acting (27:24)

-how voiceover is all about the placement of your voice (31:07)

-what casting directors are looking for in auditions (32:38)

-the biggest myth about VO (33:20)

-the physicality of voice acting (35:56)

-the importance of finding a community when you're starting out as a voice actor (37:50)

-practical tips for aspiring voice actors (39:40)

-how Aly juggles a full-time job and an acting career (42:13)

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