Ep. 8: Four Signs That You Need to Reprioritize


This week on the podcast, I discuss my recent experience with burnout and the four obvious (or maybe not-so-obvious) signs that you need to re-prioritize.

Here they are in a nutshell:

1) Your health is deteriorating and/or you're not taking care of your appearance.

    Questions to consider:

  • Is your lack of focus hindering your performance at work?
  • Do you rarely carve out time to exercise or relax?
  • Is your body struggling to keep up with h

2) You start procrastinating on the important stuff.

    Questions to consider:

    • Are you devoting more time to low-impact tasks on your to-do list?
    • Are you doing everything to avoid what's most important?
    • Do you feel constantly behind-schedule?

    3) You don't see your friends and family anymore.

        Questions to consider:

      • Are your friends and family asking you where you've been?
      • Are your friends and family not reaching out to you anymore?
      • Are your relationships pretty much non-existent?

      4) You have a messy and disorganized workspace.

          Questions to consider:

        • Is your office or workspace in disarray?
        • Do you dread walking into the room?
        • Are you unable to get work done in your office?

        If you answered "yes," to the majority of these questions, then re-prioritize your tasks and projects ASAP! Listen to Ep. 5 and consider the sacrifices you've made that might be hurting your health, relationships, finances, etc. Correct course so that work isn't consuming other areas of life. 

        (You owe it to yourself and your loved ones!)


        Speaking of work-life balance...

        What are some indicators of burnout in your life?

        What measures do you take make self-care a priority?


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